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Wideband (up to 22 MHz) recorder. Requires the device W-PCIe and a license to run.
V2.1.0 94 MB
Requires a license to run.
V3.0.0 101.5 MB
V9.3.0 6.5 MB
Comprehensive example in C++ source code, how to control W-CODE via its XML interface.
V9.3.0 4.3 MB
V3.0.0 102 MB
V7.1.0 91.1 KB
V2.2.0 727 MB
V2.0.0 9 MB
V1.2.00 17.1 MB
V1.4.0 48 MB
Stream a .wav file in VITA-49, IP-CONF and PxGF format over TCP/IP
62 KB
Stream a .wav file in IP-CONF format over TCP/IP
58 KB
Stream a .wav file in PxGF format over TCP/IP
20.6 MB
Stream a recorded PxGF IQ file over TCP/IP directly
27.9 MB

    Download free of charge. Software on DVD, deliverable against an administration fee.

    Get software only from this site or from an authorized distributor. Getting from other sources should be cautious and is strongly discouraged.

    For warranty reason, decoder software will not be delivered to (legacy) hardware acquired from a second-hand source.